Tracking/Dual Purpose Police K9s. Patrol K9s offer a number of advantages for the officer on the street.

Trained Police Dogs,  Security Dogs
Patrol training includes: Obedience, Evidence Search, Building and Area Search, Gunfire work, Bite Work, (Verbal release and Recall), Tracking/Trailing, Officer Protection, Officer Survival Tactics and Tactical Obedience.

Training includes Field work and classroom instruction.

Classroom instruction includes: Scent Theory, Case Law, Use of Force, Principals of Dog Training, Limiting Factors, First Aid (taught by a Veterinarian), Grooming, Report Writing. Contact me for a complete training outline.

Training for Patrol K9 or Dual Purpose K9 includes up to 12 weeks of training.

We have contacts in Europe who are retired Police Officers and K9 Trainers. They provide us with excellent/sound dogs.